Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The perfect exercise match of the day

Format: Recorded TV programme
Entertainment: Match of the Day
Duration: 90 minute show
Exercise Equipment: cross trainer at home
Gamification Rules: +1 resistance level per goal scored, maintain highest resistance for an additional goal per red red card, -1 resistance level for every penalty missed/saved, rest periods during interviews and game analysis. 

Summary: You can't beat the drama and excitement of the final day of the season. With the majority of major league standings in the Premier League in the bag, I decided to make the final 2012/13 BBC Match of the Day (MOTD) programme more engaging by exercising on my cross trainer with a few simple GamiFit rules. 

A cross trainer won't give you the most intense work out, but that's why I believe it works for the GamiFit exercise programmes I'm promoting on this blog. Your heart rate stays in the "fat burning zone" and it's possible to exercise for long durations and go again several times a day (if you want to). 

With all 20 league teams playing at the same time - the only time it happens all season - there was 90 minutes of action and analysis to pound through. Mercifully the BBC decided to go with the two Alans as the 'experts' instead of Mark LawrensonIt wouldn't be MOTD if you didn't hate one of the presenters with a passion. I would most like to collar Mark. Mostly because of his shirt collars.  The worst offence this season had to be the chocolate brown and lime emsemble below. Thanks to www.savile-rogue.com for the pic and for never failing to spot a Lawrenson shirt FAIL. 

The Results: 36 goals, 1 red card, no penalties later, I spent 59mins 31secs on the machine. Based on my physical attributes and performance, my cross trainer reckons I burned 508 calories. 

I clocked a distance of 18.3km. That is the equivalent of 182 lengths of St James' Park, home of my beloved Newcastle United, who were true to form this season and rounded of the campaign playing badly. Looking on the bright side, at least NUFC will still be on MOTD next season. TFFT!

Daily Fuel IntakeI came up short on my 3,000 fuel points target, ending on 2,395. I gained 827 fuel points during my main exercise session yesterday. 

I was surprised to see the Nike+ Fuelband suggest I travelled 5.78km . With the constant arm motions used on a cross trainer, I expected it to be closer or beyond the 18km my cross trainer registered. I guess the triaxial accelerometer isn't a fan of stationery exercise equipment, even though I was wearing Nike shoes! 

Burning over 1,000 calories was pleasing, but with no sport on today, I'm going to have to find another way of getting my gamified exercise kicks. 

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