Thursday, 23 May 2013

Made to weight for it

Day two of the new me and 
an old injury hit back. Well it started in my back and remains a pain in the neck two days later. It was the free weights that did me in, so I've decided to cut them out of my exercise routines until I'm back into my stride. Feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, what options are left besides endless cardio?

When I was hitting my teen years I became a big fan of Bruce Lee. Mermerised by his martial art skills and seemingly superhuman strength, among his films and poorly edited postumous releases, I purchased a book that detailed his exercise routines. I was surprised to learn how much emphasis he placed on isometric exercise as a method of building power without muscle mass. It's worth noting that Bruce used weights in his isometric workout to achieve his dynamic speed and core strength. I'm not trying to enter the dragon anytime soon so I'm going to try my hand at weightless resistance-band isometric exercises. 

Using the same range of motions without the extra stress of dumbells should be a good way to get my back and the rest of my body into a regular exercise routine without increasing my risk of injury. Because the bands take up next to no space and don't require weight adjustments like normal free weights, I'm thinking of ways to introduce some curcuit training into my GamiFit experience. Resistance bands have also been recently used in console fitness gaming with titles such as UFC Personal Trainer, so I'll report back on the results once I'm fighting fit. 

Daily Fuel Intake: Looking on the brightside of a Fuelband lacking bright lights in the last few days, I now have a benchmark for the minimum Nikefuel points I could hope to achieve. 211 calories, less than 1km and just under 2,500 fuel points short of my goal. 

"A goal is not alwaysmeant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.". Bruce Lee said that and he's not a guy to disagree with when you are feeling a bit poorly. 

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